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When Does Your Loved One Need Home Care?


Even if your elderly loved one is content to continue living independently, there are some situations when they might require care and support in their homes. However, how can you determine when someone needs to begin receiving personal home care?

It could be helpful to be aware of the signs to know if your loved one requires further assistance. Here are some warning indications that an elderly loved one you care for may benefit from home care assistance:

  • Neglected personal care

    Neglecting personal care may indicate that assistance is needed for your loved one. Having caregivers support your loved one can provide peace of mind and improve their quality of life by ensuring they are always safe and well-groomed.

  • Has a loss of appetite/nutrition

    While changes in metabolism and appetite are natural when aging, your aging loved one’s health may deteriorate when they don’t eat properly and have insufficient nutrients. Meal preparation and feeding assistance from home care providers can help solve these issues.

  • Feeling more isolated and lonely

    Having thoughts of loneliness and isolation can negatively affect your loved one’s mindset to care for themselves. Thankfully, companion services like our companionship in Pennsylvania can reduce isolation by spending time with them regularly while providing care.

At A Caring Hand Home Care, Inc., we ensure that your loved ones receive high-quality home care in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, and tailor their care plan according to what they need the most for their health.

We believe that everybody has the right to decide how they want to receive care. So, if you or a loved one requires home care, don’t hesitate to reach our team!

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