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Skin Care Routine for Senior Citizens

Skin Care Routine for Senior Citizens

When people realized that skincare is a form of self-care, beauty products became available everywhere. It’s most famous for women in their 20s or 30s. However, aging makes the skin drier, thinner, irritated and easily bruised. Ergo, elders need the best skincare routine more than anyone. A Caring Hand Home Care, Inc., your home care in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, specializes in senior skincare as part of our personal care services.

Medication is sometimes the last resort, but we highly encourage using natural or at least less harsh products. However, as caregivers, we believe that skincare goes beyond the mere application of beauty products, and it starts with a good bath.

As personal care providers, we highly encourage taking a bath every day to relieve dry skin. The use of gentle and non-fragrant soaps (as well as those with glycerin, hydraulic acid, and lanolin) can be pleasant to the skin and add moisture. Furthermore, using warm instead of hot water avoids stripping off natural oil from the skin. After taking a bath, we gently dry their skin using a soft cloth to avoid irritation, but we leave a bit of wetness to facilitate hydration. Lastly, dermatologists recommend applying moisturizers and sunscreen with SPF.

Avoiding injuries is also part of the skincare process; along with wearing the right coverings for less exposure to sunlight and harsh chemicals. We offer the best companionship in Pennsylvania, so you can trust that we are always assisting them to avoid falls. We also choose the appropriate clothing and spot for them to enjoy their leisure.

As always, we ensure the safety, happiness, and satisfaction of our clients in every care service we give. Experience personalized home care services by contacting us now!

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